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Eduardo Hoyos Architect was created in 2003. The practice is currently involved in numerous residential projects. EHA is a RIBA Chartered Practice committed to continuous professional development and the provision of an efficient service for its clients.  EHA combines the use of traditional drawing and presentation techniques with the latest technology to illustrate and develop the designs, including the use of 3D visualizations. 

Before establishing EHA, Eduardo Hoyos had a large experience in architecture, interior design and urban projects. He has worked in collaboration with other practices in Peru and the UK, and has produced designs for residential, institutional, commercial and local authority clients.   In the past he has done work for Exeter City Council, preparing an architectural and urban appraisal of the buildings in the city centre and for Lima City Council, developing strategies and urban proposals for derelict areas in need of redevelopment. Apart from his practical experience he is currently design tutor at Somerset College of Arts and Technology.  Previously, he taught at Plymouth University and the National University of Engineering architectural design.

Since its creation Eduardo Hoyos Architect has gained a reputation for a forward thinking approach to architecture and for its innovative designs.  In addition, some of the projects completed in recent years has been featured in local and national magazines. 

The practice is heavily focused on exploring new ideas and has a contemporary approach to architecture.  We have used natural light, local and new materials and techniques of construction, transparent materials, unusual forms,  and sustainable technologies to create exciting designs.

No project is too small, regardless of their size or complex briefs, it is a trademark of the practice to explore various solutions and to think of a project in relation to the clients needs and budgets.

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