Croft House Extension

In this project a new porch and a rear extension are proposed to improve the living accommodation and to facilitate the accessibility into the house.  At the front, the new porch incorporates a new ramp to facilitate the access into the house and a low level curved wall separates it from the drive way.  At the rear the new extension holds a new kitchen and dining areas.  New sliding and folding doors are used to link the dining with a new decking terrace, opening towards the rear garden, all at the same level, to create an easy flow between the inside and outside.  The decked terrace incorporates a new semi-open canopy, made of timber and supporting galvanized steel posts, to give protection from the morning sun and to create a wall where the pattern of shade and light animates the outdoor space.  The land immediate to the terrace has also been changed so that the garden can be safely accessed from the terrace.

The roofs to both the front porch and the rear extension are covered with double seam zinc sheeting, sloping towards the house and towards one side of the house respectively.  Internally, rooms adjacent to the porch and rear extensions have been intervened to create an open plan and to facilitate the visibility between the various rooms.